Palletizing Robot

The Ultimate Robotics palletizing robot is able to palletize standard pallets up to 5 feet (1.524m) tall. Additional pallet height as high as 8.5 ft can be accommodated by adding our 7th axis under the robot. With up to a 30-kilogram payload our solution is a good fit for almost every palletizing application. By offering a variety of off the shelf plug and play end tool options it is possible to pick multiple boxes at a time allowing up to 24 pics per minute. The Ultimate palletizing robot only takes 1 square meter of valuable floor space on the production line.


The Ultimate Palletizing robot has 10 advanced safety configuration functions, including collision detection, which makes human-machine collaboration more secure and reliable. Our robots meet or exceed OSHA and RIA specifications for collaborative robots which allows the end user to operate without expensive and cumbersome guarding. This feature not only saves money on the front end of the project but also increases throughput by giving operators access to the cell without the need to press an ESTOP button, open guard doors, close the doors and clear the ESTOP. Additionally, the Ultimate Collaborative Robot Palletizing solution uses significantly less floor space as compared to conventional robotic palletizers that require guarding.

State of the Art Controls

Ultimate Robots use End-to-end Ether CAT bus communication for motion control that are compatible with servo drives with Gigabit Ethernet. Our solution provides real time control refresh frequency of 1000/5000 Hz and industry leading control accuracy. Ultimate robots have internal digital and analog I/O with the ability to control remote I/O. There is Ethernet TCP\IP and Modbus available to communicate with other controllers. The compact controller is only 455mm x319mm x 736mm tall and weighs 19kg. The Pendant and cables are included.

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