Ultimate Multi-Sensing Autonomous Vehicle

Ultimate AGV

Multi-sensing Autonomous Vehicle

The Ultimate AGV  is a new generation of multi-sensing autonomous vehicles from Ultimate Robotics, used for indoor intralogistics tasks. It can autonomously transport items and navigate freely in its environment. As a mobile robot, it makes the labor of the workers easier and improves business efficiency. This robot is also equipped with obstacle avoidance radar, which can work continuously and safely without interruption. Moreover, it has built-in autonomous navigation system and dispatching software, which enable multiple HR to serve simultaneously, keep the production running and maintain the flexibility of its manipulation.
Industrial robots, , collaborative robots, palletizing robot
Industrial robots, , collaborative robots, palletizing robot

Fast Charging

High Speed charging and long endurance

Heavy Payload

Payload 200kg / 1200 kg

High Level Of Safety

3D Visual Sensor (optional)

High Speed

MAX Speed 1.5 m/s

Technical Specifications
Model ULT-150 ULT-300 ULT-600 ULT-1200
Basic parameters Payload 150 kg 300 kg 600kg 1200kg
Dimensions 700*500*255(mm) 950*650*350(mm)  1200*700*280(mm)  1530*965*295(mm)
Navigation Mode Laser SLAM, Hybrid Navigation(Fusion Vision)(Optional)
Actuation Differential Drive Differential Drive Steering Wheel Differential Drive
MAX Velocity 1.5 m/s 1.5 m/s 1.1 m/s 1.5 m/s
Positioning Accuracy ±10mm
Communication Interface TCP/IP , Modbus TCP
Outbound Interface WiFi , 1 x RJ45, 5G Internet
Lifting Units (Optional) Customizable 1X200kg, 1X0-60mm(included) Customizable 4X400kg, 4X0-50mm(included)
Battery parameters Battery Voltage DC 48v
Battery Capacity 30AH 67AH 72AH 125AH
Charging Time ≤2hours ≤2hours




Manual Charging≤2.5 hours
Charging Mode Automated / Manual Automated / Manual Automated / Manual Manual / Wireless
Running Time (no load) >6h 10h 12h 12h
Software Operating Software  Robot application software / Dispatching software
Others Warranty 12 months


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