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Drag & Drop Teaching

The Ultimate robotic system uses a highly sensitive six degree of freedom force torque sensor mounted between the robot and torch to move the robot to the weld start and stop positions. This allows users to move the welding torch easily and swiftly to the designated welding point. With the buttons mounted on the torch, they can quickly establish a welding task, complete circular/linear path selection, define the type of weave pattern, and set up arc starting/stopping. The welding sequence can be used an unlimited number of times if multiple parts need to be processed in the same set up.


The robot controller has the ability to change weld parameters on the fly. The interface to the power supplies parameters can be set up in an easy-to-use graphical user interface on the teach pendant. The ultimate welding solution can also be programmed using our standard drag and drop programming environment.

Arc tracking collaborates with the robot to obtain the relative position of the welding gun and the groove by collecting and processing arc signals that correct any deviations in the robot’s path plan. This real time path planning is accomplished by using our state-of-the-art controls. Additionally, optional laser seam tracker is available for customers that need to weld multiple parts that can have variation from part to part. This is a plug and play feature of the Ultimate Welding solution.

The Ultimate Robotics solution uses End-to-end EtherCAT bus communication for motion control that are compatible with the servo drives with Gigabit Ethernet, real time control refresh frequency of 1000/5000 Hz and industry leading control accuracy. Our robots have the best path accuracy in the industry. Ultimate Robotics robots have internal digital and analog I/O with the ability to control remote I/O. There is Ethernet TCP\IP and Modbus available to communicate with other controllers. The compact controller is only 455mm x319mm x 736mm tall and weighs 19kg. The Pendant and cables are included along with a welding table and a host of interfaces to most of the welding power supplies available.

The advantage of the drag and drop feature allows for less skilled, hard to find, and lower cost operators. Due to the robot doing the actual welding there is constant consistency in the weld quality. Ultimate robot welding solutions also eliminate the need to certify your welders using the ultimate welding solution. Typically, operators of this equipment can be trained in 1-3 days to operate the welding solution without prior welding experience.

Payback On the Ultimate Robotics Welding Solution is typically less than 6 months.

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